Are You Lacking Motivation?

Motivation: The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.”

Motivation is a hard thing to come by. Some days it’s strong. You’re ready to go, take on the world, crush PRs, meal prep. The next day it’s gone. All you want is your bed. You eat take out, skip the gym, and binge watch Netflix. The problem is that the song that hypes you up won’t always hype you up. The desire for abs won’t always be stronger than the desire for cake. Your motivation will come, and it will go. With that said, if you want results you have to get it done anyway, even when you have no motivation. When all you want is the couch. How do you do that? Habits & discipline. The important choices you make simply have to be ingrained in your DNA. They need to be a part of who you are.


Habit’s are things we do without thinking about it. They are just part of our life. We wake up and check our emails – habit. We brush our teeth before bed – habit. We put on our shoes and tie them a particular way – habit. We make our coffee first thing in the morning – habit. We take the dog for a walk – habit. We tuck our kids in, make them dinner, kiss them goodbye when they go to school – habits.

All of these things we do without thinking about it. Some of them you may not be motivated to do. Do you want to take the dog for a walk every day? Cut the grass? Respond to emails? Maybe sometimes, but definitely not all the time. But we do them anyway. Why? Because you are the type of person that cares for animals no matter what. You’re the type of person that has a clean house and property no matter what. You’re the type of person that works hard and gets stuff done no matter what! You’re disciplined in these areas.

If you’re struggling with motivation and it prevents you from doing things like working out & eating right it because you’re NOT the type of person that exercises and eats right now matter what! (YET!) But you can be. You simply have to start becoming the type of person that makes the healthy choice. You need to build habits and have discipline!

When I was in college I decided I was going to be that person. I was a junior and decided I was done going to parties and drinking too much. I was done sleeping until noon. I was done eating crappy foods in the cafeteria. Eventually you literally become that person. People will stop offering you crap foods because you’re the person that eats healthy. People will stop pressuring you to drink because you’re the guy who sips on water (or fitaid). It took a while to become that person, but it happened by building habits and diving deeper into the kind of person I really wanted to be. While I’ve learned to become more flexible, I still have people say things like “Oh we are just going to grill because I figured you wouldn’t eat pizza” when we go to friends houses. Bummer, cause i love pizza… BUT those kinds of things make the difference in the long run. So what kind of habits do you need to start building to reach your goals?

Start small

Eat veggies 2x/day. Drink 6 glasses of water. Start your day with a walk. Make it to the gym 3x/week. Get to bed by 9:30PM. Whatever it may be.

Bottom line is, you know what you need to do. You simply have to have the discipline to do it. And once you have done it enough times, with enough consistency, it will become a habit.

And once it is a habit you won’t have to worry about motivation. You’ll get it done, because you’re the kind of person that eats healthy and exercises. You know it, your friends know it, everyone knows it. 

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