The Perks of Exercise.com

Our new platform, Exercise.com is here! We are really excited about the switch for many reasons and today I just wanted to give you a rundown about what it means for you as the client and all the benefits you can reap!

We have built many programs in the past designed to help some of you with a specific skill, but had no good way of delivering that to you and no platform to offer it on. Now, all of our pre-built programs will become available within that app for purchase. For example, If you want to get your first strict pull-up, we will have a plan for that. All you need to do is buy that program and it will be delivered to you directly in the same app where all of your class workouts show up. Everything is in one spot!

We will have gymnastics programs, weightlifting programs, endurance programs, and everything in between!

If you’re one of my nutrition clients, you know the setup process can be difficult. Now, I can set your Macros and nutrition goals/recommendations in exercise.com and it will be integrated into your MyFitnessPal. Also, We will be able to do check ins on the Yankee Strength App rather than via text.

Exercise.com’s scheduling system is much better than Wodify. Although it might take some getting used to, it will be worth it! You’ll be able to see all your registered classes, PT sessions, Nutrition consults, InBody Scan appointments all in one place!

Custom Programming & Class Modifications
This one is big! Those of you that have your own customized programs or received modifications for your class workouts used to have your workouts in two places – TrueCoach and Wodify. Now, this will all be in one place for you to receive and record workouts! Videos of your exercises will be attached along with workout notes!

We’ve been running assessments on you guys for quite some time now, and the only place it is recorded in on paper in our filing cabinets. Now, assign mobility/flexibility assessment, strength assessments, and conditioning assessments in our app and it will be there for you to look back on. Assessing is critical to exercising safely and effectively and will give you guidance as what needs to be the focus. Without an assessment and having results available, we are simply guessing, and that is just not good enough!

We are really looking forward to exercise.com and are excited about all the value it will bring to you all. With that said, we expect some challenges upfront as we figure out the nuances of the system so if anything is not working properly or does not look right please reach out and we will see if we can have it resolved for you!

Happy training!