What Track Should I Be On At YCF?

At YCF we will do whatever we can to help you reach your goals. Regardless of your goals, we have a track that will help you get there, but it is important to know what the track is and how to get on it!

Our group classes now have 3 tracks inside them – Fitness, Performance, Custom ID.


We realize not everyone wants to throw heavy barbells or swing around on the pullup bar like a madman, or walk on their hands. This track is designed to get you plenty of quality movement, without the higher complexity, daunting skills that are associated with crossfit. It’s focus is on long term health, feeling good, and looking your best. 

Because Fitness focuses on quality of movement and building a solid foundation, it is required that new members without experience do the fitness track for at least 3 months. The wider you build your base, the higher your peak can be.


We also realize many people love the challenge of learning higher complexity movements & enjoy doing them in workouts. The performance track is focused on developing these skills and improving your performance in the gym. Typically, skill level and total load are higher in this track compared to Fitness. Performance is perfect for anyone looking to test their body’s limits, or enjoy a fun and exciting gym experience.

Since performance has higher level skills that require deeper ranges of motion and strength through those ranges of motion, it is important to make sure you get an assessment done before trying any of the skills in this track. 

Custom ID

We’ve talked a lot about this track recently. Custom ID gives you your own customized warm ups based on your assessment and your own customized strength work based on your goals. Everyone has different goals, different mobility and flexibility finding, different imbalances. Maybe you want to run pain free, maybe you squat more than you deadlift & your back spasms all the time, maybe your shoulder hurts when you kip or go overhead, maybe you just want to learn the gymnastics skills better, but you’re not quite ready for performance. Everyone is different, and your program should be designed for YOU. This track is not just perfect, but absolutely essential for anyone who has been in the gym for over 6 months and has not met their original goals.

Let me say that again….

This track is not just perfect, but absolutely essential for anyone who has been in the gym for over 6 months and has not met their original goals.

If you have not met your goals, it is not your fault. We have failed to provide you with the right track for you. This is it.

1 on 1 options

Personal Training

This is the fastest track to reach your goals. We realize, this isn’t sustainable for most people as their primary fitness regime, but it is a great add on to use once a month, once a quarter, or however else you or your coach may see fit. Personal training is meant to develop competency and confidence is movements and our system. New members who start always start in personal training before moving on to their next phase. Also, members who have very specific goals and want to work on them with 100% focus have benefited a ton from PT as well. Lastly, and most importantly, Personal training is for anyone battling frustration or pain with specific movements in the gym. 

I can’t stress enough the value of one-on-one coaching. Just ask any of our members who are doing it.

Nutrition Coaching

If your goal is weight loss or weight gain, no amount of exercise will you if your nutrition is not in order. Nutrition coaching is for anyone who wants to look and feel better than they currently do. We will work with you to meet you where you are at and be your guide to move forward.

Yankee Barbell Club

This is for athletes looking to improve their performance in barbell sports (weightlifting & powerlifting) or have a singular goal of getting stronger. You will get a coach who will design a full custom program for you that address weaknesses and imbalances allowing for long term athletic development and injury free training. You will have full access to the gym during all hours of operation to execute your program. If you decide to compete at a meet, your coach will have meet prep designed and will be there as your coach.

Competitor Program

This is for athletes looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit. Like our barbell club, you will have custom program designed to address limitations, develop skills, and appropriately progress you in all areas. This is not a program designed to crush you every day. It’s a program designed to make you well rounded. Before you start you will go through a full mobility and flexibility assessment, a strength balance assessment, and sport specific assessment. You will have aerobic, anaerobic, strength, & skill work as needed to address findings in those assessments. You will have check ins with your coach & re-assessments as needed.


If you wanted help figuring out what track might be best for you, set up a consult by emailing yankeecrossfit@gmail.com.