Welcome to the Future of Fitness

The Future of Fitness is Here

First, It has been so exciting to see some of your faces IN PERSON this week! There is simply no comparison to live, in person fitness in terms of the energy, environment, and ability to provide & receive hands-on coaching. What is even more exciting is that we are upgrading our group classes to something that is going to provide even more value that you got before COVID. Meet the “Group ID” structure. “Group” meaning group classes, just as before COVID and “ID” meaning for “individual Design” or custom programming.

Personalization is the future. It is the future of technology. It is the future of healthcare. It is the future of fitness. 

The group however, isn’t “out of date” or “useless”. It is incredibly valuable for motivation, accountability, having fun, enjoying & celebrating your fitness, and much more. 

So we have found a way to combine individualization of fitness into group classes for those who need it!

Reasons to be on a Group ID membership


  • Pain/Injury: If you are dealing with aches and pains daily from movements you do in the gym, it is more than likely you do not have full mobility/flexibility to be doing them right, you have deficiency is balance of strength, or you have poor bracing/movement mechanics. All of these things are specific to YOU and can only be addressed so much in a group class where everyone’s needs are different. If this is you, you need something more specific to you.


  • You have NOT reached your goals: You’ve been coming to the gym consistently and working hard, but to no avail. There may simply be one or two things holding you back, but we don’t work on them enough in the group setting. Having an Group ID membership will get you more time and energy toward reaching YOUR goals.


  • Strength/ Fitness plateau: Maybe you made a lot of progress at first, but now you seem to be a standstill in terms of how much weight you can lift, or how fit you are in conditioning. Having a plan of attack to break through your plateau is incredibly valuable. Small tweaks to your program can make all the difference.
  • You always miss squat day (or press or pull or hinge day): Our average attendance is about 3 times per week. If you are someone who comes 2-3x per week and ends up missing the day we squat, or deadlift, or press, or pull every week you are at best missing on very valuable training patterns and at worst setting yourself up for strength imbalances and deficiencies. Your customized strength work would take care of this problem.
  • You don’t know what your goals should be: “Ahh you know… I just want to be fit & health, maybe lose some weight”. This is a sure way to never feel accomplished. It is important to set goals for yourself that are measurable and achievable & it is important to start working toward those goals. Also, if you goals are truly long-term health, it is crucial to make sure your mobility & flexibility are in order, your strength is balanced, and your exercise program matches your lifestyle. These things are all customizable!
  • You are not comfortable with all the movements in group class quite yet: If you are new to classes and sometimes even the fitness workouts are too hard for you, it is in your best interest to have a program that slowly progresses you to getting fully comfortable & competent in those movements. This is the same reason our On-ramp PT sessions are critically important.
  • You always modify the workouts: Modify the workouts is a great way to get the best workout for you, that day. However, in most cases it is a bandaid, no a solution to the problem. Changing a movement because it hurts you or is hard is a work around. Addressing the reason it hurts you or you cant do it is the FIX. This will be done in your customized workout plan.
  • Strength imbalances & mobility deficiencies: I talked about this already in pieces above, but if you outright know you have a deficiency somewhere, it is not going to fix itself. You might know you have poor overhead mobility, or that you are WAY better at deadlift that squatting and your squat looks like a good morning. There are tons of other examples, but in any case the problem isn’t going to fix itself! It needs specific addressing!





How this Will Work in Class – Class Flow

Start of class: Whiteboard Talk – Coach will explain the fitness/performance Warm up & strength work as well as the group conditioning.

Warmup: –If you are on a Group ID membership you will have your own warm up focused on your mobility & flexibility. While you do this, those following the fitness/performance group option you will be doing their written group warmup, however the coach will be more of an over-viewer rather than leading the warmup at this point. 

Strength Work: if you are Group ID, you will have strength work that is specific to you after we go through strength testing. This is focused on your goals as well as your deficiencies found in testing. If you are doing the fitness/performance option you will get ready for the group strength work & then coach will get a clock going for you to start. Again, the coach is watching & coaching everyone, but likely not leading the group directly as people may be doing different things. You will have until about the 30 minute mark in class to complete the strength work for the day give or take a few minutes depending on the WOD.

Group Conditioning: The group class we all know and love. Everyone will be doing the same conditioning workout together to preserve the fun, energizing, motivating parts of group fitness. If you are on a Group ID membership, you will get modifications around your restrictions, but the workout will not be drastically changed.


We are so excited to roll this out! If you have been doing a custom program at home since COVID you’ll get one month of Group ID FREE when we fully reopen to give it a try! If you havent been doing this since COVID and want to try, email us at yankeecrossfit@gmail.com!


Catch you all in the gym soon!

– Coach Andrew