Assess Don’t Guess – A Better Solution To Pain

Training is something we all have grown to love. Coming to the gym, getting a good workout in, giving some high fives, and leaving feeling awesome is part of our everyday lives. However, not all days go so well. Some days were stuck feeling like we can’t do X movement because of X. Having to modify over and over again can easily become frustrating and disappointing. We’ve all been there.

The three main reasons we modify:
-Pain or injury
-Mobility of flexibility

Up until now, most of the time our answer to solving your frustrating problem wasn’t good enough. We simply changed the movement to something similar that you could do. Maybe its rope climbs, or snatches, or pull ups that you’re always modifying and constantly frustrated with. But you, like everyone else, want to be capable of performing that movement and our best answer was, try something different….. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

Brendan and myself decided we wanted better solutions to your problems. We were already really good at helping you capacity and skills in movements. You wanted to learn how to do a toes to bar? We could teach you that. A snatch? We got you covered! But if your hips hurt every time you squatted deep? Uhhh… Squat to a box? MAYBE that was the right answer…. Maybe not. What we needed to get better at was identifying the cause of pain or injury and learning ways we can fix your specific problems. SO we decided to sign up for a seminar held by The Active Life, where we could learn how to assess clients mobility, flexibility, and strength balance and to get a clear picture on WHY clients are in pain, or incapable of X movement.

IT WAS AWESOME! We learned so much about how to screen clients for mobility and flexibility issues as well as how to address each individual’s problems. Many of you may have seen us running assessments on people around the gym the last weeks, or maybe you participated in one yourself. Some of you may have already started a corrective exercise plan to attack some of those issues that came up in the assessment. Either way, we now have a clear path to get you back to doing the things you love to do, inside and outside the gym, and we could not be more excited to help you out.

If your back always hurts when you deadlift

If it hurts to perform a squat

If it hurts to run

If your frustrated because you’re always modifying movements

If your shoulder hurts overhead
If you want to move better and perform better

Schedule an assessment ASAP and get on the path to doing the things you want to do!

– Coach Andrew