Sleep and Recovery

Sleep and Recovery

Do you want to have more energy throughout the day, have better mental focus, maximize your performance at work and in the gym, and recover better? Start by looking at your sleep. Research has shown that adults need 7-9 hours of sleep to function at maximal capacity. And just like nutrition, quality matters as well! Let’s take a look at sleep at training.


In the gym you lift weights, crush metcons, and work your butt off in order to get an effect from training. Whether the goal is to build muscle mass, lose body fat, or work towards long term health, we are chasing the stimulus from training. The Intent will change day to day, but with a well designed program like ours, you are going to get a specific stimulus if you come in a work hard. SO, you’ve crushed the back squat and metcon from today’s training. Now what?


Training, without recovering from that training useless. This is like playing a video game and not clicking the save button.

✓✓ Training + recovery = Gains

🚫🚫Training + poor diet/sleep/hydration = less muscle gains, injury, excessive soreness, lack of energy, poor libido etc. etc. the list goes ON and ON!

Sleep is where the major of your recovery will happen! You have 8 hours (⅓ of the day) to be in a parasympathetic state away from all other stressors for your body to repair. If this is neglected you will lose a lot of the hard work you put in at the gym. Below are a few tips to helping you sleep!


How to improve sleep


  • Cold, Blackout Dark room – This is the most important thing you can control about your sleep.
  • No food 90 mins before bed – Digestion can disrupt sleep or prevent you from falling asleep quickly. 
  • No screens 60 mins before bed – Light tells your body that is NOT time for bed and throws off your circadian rhythm, which is meant to be regulated by light from the sun during the day and darkness at night. 
  • Meditation, journaling, light mobility work – These are great methods for showing care for yourself and also for stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Warm shower/bath before bed – again, this is great for getting parasympathetic. It also draws blood away from your core and to your extremities keeping core temperature down!
  • Zinc Magnesium Supplement – Awesome for muscle recovery and relaxation.