One thing that we all have in common is that we love to train…And most of us like to train hard! While that comes with some really awesome benefits, (aka looking great, feeling strong, and performing well!), it can also sometimes have some negative side effects.

As we all progress through our fitness journey’s, and we start to train harder and more often, we can sometimes start to reveal some other underlying issues like muscular imbalances and movement pattern flaws. If these go unaddressed, they can eventually lead to pain, and sometimes even injury.

To start, pain is not something you should ignore. Pain is a signal to your brain telling you NOT to perform that movement. Without pain, we wouldn’t know when soft tissues (muscles, ligaments etc.) are injured and we would further harm our body. With that being said, pain is often caused by a lack of strength in a specific muscle. That dysfunction leads to compensation, which leads to overuse by some other muscle down the chain, which leads to soft tissue aggravation & pain. For example, you may have shoulder pain when you go overhead that is caused by weak lats or low back pain caused by weak glutes. The first step in fixing your pain is then to figure out where you lack strength or structural balance..

The good news is our coaches at Yankee can help you! We can run you through an assessment and figure out what is actually going on, then prescribe you work to help address the root of the issue. Our goal is to get you out of pain, and to strengthen you where needed to avoid progressing into an eventual injury.

If you are having pain do not hesitate to schedule a personal training session with a coach. These sessions will be incredibly valuable to you. Living with pain is no fun, and either is missing out on doing the things you like to do in the gym. Cheers to a healthy pain free life.

-Coach Andrew