October Goals Board

Hey guys! We’ve got one week left in October and lots of goals up on our monthly goal board. Just a reminder, if your goal is performance based, make sure you get into the gym this week and give it another attempt! If your goal was nutrition or lifestyle based, evaluate if you hit it yet and, if not, really try to dial it in over the next several days. We’ll be wiping the board clean for everyone to set their next month’s goals at the end of the week. If you don’t end up hitting your goal, you can take November to try to conquer it again but ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Did I shoot for a goal that was too aggressive? Some goals are possible in a month but some others take more time. If you started the month not being able to do a push up, don’t expect to get 10 unbroken push ups in one month. Same thing if your goal was weight related: don’t expect to drop 10 lbs. in just a month. When you create a monthly goal, make sure it’s something that can be achieved in 30 days. You might have a bigger goal in mind but monthly goals can help you get there. If you need help setting a goal, talk to me or another coach!
  2. Did I take the time to work on my goal this month? Sometimes just coming to class won’t be enough to hit a goal. If the goal you set is important to you, find a way to give it some extra attention, even if that means coming to class 20 minutes early to work on a skill like double unders or doing some extra work at home. If your goal was nutrition focused, ask yourself if you took the time to set yourself up for success like doing meal prep, avoiding fast food restaurants, etc.

Don’t get discouraged at any point while trying to accomplish a goal you’ve set. You can do it and the coaches are here to help you along the way. I’ll see you in the gym!

Chris Philibert has spent the last 9 years in the Army including one deployment to Afghanistan in 2010. She has also been an athlete all her life from a 3 sport athlete in high school to a collegiate rugby player and a semi-professional women’s football player. She found YCF in December of 2012 and decided to give it a try. Not knowing much of the sport or what she was getting into, she jumped into an on-ramp class. The first movement Brendan introduced was the snatch and for the first time she felt defeated. After that class, she couldn’t imagine going back and struggled with the thought of not being good at something. That was the turning point for her and she came back the next day to start her membership. Since then, she has competed various competitions, visited many other boxes all over, and got her level one certification in May of 2013.

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